Silver Standard Metal Sided 90mm High


Silver standard 90mm high kitchen drawer boxes are intended to replace drawer boxes that have been damaged or are otherwise unsatisfactory.

Every drawer box comes with silver coloured standard metal sided runners and is gravity self-closing from 70mm out.

With our kitchen drawer boxes you can give an old carcass a new lease of life instead of throwing it away and being forced to spend more money buying an entirely new unit.

When specifying your kitchen drawer box it is important to be aware that the width quoted refers to the width of the unit and not the width of the drawer box. For example, when you ask for a 450mm drawer box we’ll make up one that will fit a 450mm wide unit – the drawer box itself will be a little narrower.

For more information please contact us.

Please note all drawers are to fit said unit size. eg. If you order a 600mm wide drawer box inc runners it will fit into a 600mm wide unit the drawer box will be smaller.